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10 Side Hustles for College Students

January 20, 2022

Whether it be for financial need, to gain job experience, to build up a work history, or even to develop a social life, a large portion of college students maintain a side hustle. Check out a few side hustles that college students can pursue while in school.

1. Sell Old Clothes Online

With social e-commerce platforms like Poshmark or Depop, selling your old clothes (and other related items) online has become an easy feat!

2. Start an Online Business

By listing your products on e-commerce platforms like Etsy, you can turn your hobbies, from making goods (like clothes or jewelry) to collecting goods (records or rare coins), into a little extra money!

3. Tutor Students Online or in Person

If you feel like you know a subject or topic well, then you can share that information with other students!

Keep in mind that depending on how you go about it, whether you work through a professional company or on your own, or depending on the demographic, you may have to take some tests or fulfill some prerequisites to be considered qualified!

4. Become a Tour Guide

Giving tours of your university or your town is a fun way to interact with the community and share your own experiences and passions!

5. Become a Translator

If you can speak multiple languages fluently, you can translate for a variety of causes through websites like Upwork, Translators Cafe, etc.

Keep in mind, depending on who you work for (a company or self-employed if you can find someone specific looking for a translator) you might have to take a few tests to see if you’re qualified, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

6. Start a Blog or Vlog

If there is a subject or topic you are particularly interested in, you can start a blog or vlog to document your experiences along the way!

7. Get a Campus Job

Whether it be working at a library, working as a barista, being a tutor, etc. there are plenty of job opportunities that your campus has to offer. Ask your career center for on campus openings!

8. Take Surveys Online

Yes, you can get paid to take surveys online! Register with a survey provider, fill out their surveys giving them the data that they need, and gain a few extra dollars!

9. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Yes, there are companies, like InboxDollars, that pay you to watch viral videos! If you sign up with your email and watch, you can earn actual cash!

10. Clean Out Office Spaces or Houses

Earn a little extra money cleaning out other people’s places, from organizing pantries, sweeping floors, washing windows, and more!

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