Buy and sell top quality surplus inventory in minutes.

For suppliers: Sotira unlocks cash and accelerates working capital.

For buyers: Sotira saves time and labor in sourcing, negotiating and purchasing top quality goods.

Are you a:

Get to know some of the ways Sotira can help suppliers connect and transact with buyers to unlock cash and reduce waste.

What is a supplier?

  • You are an instant commerce company, grocery store, CPG brand, food manufacturer or food distributor
  • You currently have surplus, excess or overstock inventory or products
  • You are looking to connect and transact with buyers

What capabilities does Sotira offer?

  • Streamlined access to 200+ active buying organizations in the food space
  • Automated transactions, compliance and freight logistics
  • Integration to your ERP or inventory management system
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How It Works

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It takes 3 minutes to link your ERP or inventory management system and get set up as a supplier.

Get Matched with Buyers

Sotira bundles and organizes your surplus inventory data to match it to interested buyers.

Automated Transactions

Sotira automates and facilitates transactions and logistics with buyers end to end so you can get paid out for your surplus inventory.

What can Sotira do for you?

Convert surplus inventory to cash

+ Cash upfront over consignment

+ Clear stale and dead inventory sitting in your warehouse (no more expensive storage fees!)

+ Consistent inventory offloading system

Save time with streamlined logistics and payment processing

+ Sotira handles purchase order agreements, incoterms, compliance and process payments smoothly and efficiently (goodbye wires!)

+ Sotira prioritizes speed in suppliers like you receiving cash

Tap into Sotira's database of hundreds of industry buyers

+ Tap into our network of buyers across the surplus food industry

+ All buyers are vetted and qualified

+ Review offers and negotiate with buyers

Supercharge your surplus inventory offloading process

+ Ensure you're getting the best return on your products

+ Offloaded products that are short dated and close to expiration

+ Sotira's artificial intelligence system handles offers and negotiates directly with buyers


Hear what our customers have to say

Instant Commerce Company
“We don't have anyone on our team dedicated to figuring out the logistics for our surplus products so Sotira has been a game changer."
Frozen Food Manufacturer
“Our inventory forecasting tools are inaccurate and we always have surplus. Sotira helps us figure out what to do with it all."
Food Distributor
“There is so much waste at every level of the food supply chain ecosystem. Rerouting products from landfill and getting a return has been valuable for us."
Food and Beverage Liquidator
"Sotira sends us customized deals regularly so we have the first pick of the inventory."
Food Wholesaler
“Surplus product is an inevitable part of the supply chain, so Sotira has helped us get some cash back from it so it's not a complete loss."
Instant Commerce Company
“The analysis and data on surplus inventory that Sotira provides saves our operations and supply chain team so much time and manual labor every month."
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