Buy and sell top quality surplus inventory in minutes.

Sotira accelerates working capital and unlocks cash for suppliers and saves buyers time and labor in sourcing, negotiating and purchasing top quality goods.

Get to know some of the ways Sotira can help you.


  • Get connected to more buyers to sell 30% of your excess from the past quarter
  • Sell your excess on an expedited timeline
  • Find more buyers to accept excess goods
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  • Find new inventory at a cheaper price
  • Acquire the same items at a quicker time frame
  • Get access to more goods from various suppliers
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How It Works

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It takes under 3 minutes to get set up as a supplier on Sotira.

Synch your inventory

Connect your inventory management system so we can bundle and organize your surplus goods for buyers.

Get matched with buyers

We use artificial intelligence to match your surplus inventory to interested buyers.

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It takes under 3 minutes to get set up as a buyer on Sotira.

Share your inventory needs

Share what kind of inventory you procure and purchase.

Get matched with supply

We use your inventory goals and restrictions to custom match you with the best deals on supply.

Why Use Sotira?

Convert surplus inventory to cash

+ Cash upfront over consignment

+ Clear stale and dead inventory sitting in your warehouse (no more expensive storage fees!)

+ Consistent inventory offloading system

Save time with streamlined logistics and payment processing

+ Sotira handles purchase order agreements, incoterms, compliance and process payments smoothly and efficiently (goodbye wires!)

+ Sotira prioritizes speed in suppliers receiving cash and buyers receiving goods

Tap into Sotira's database of hundreds of industry buyers

+ Tap into our network of buyers across the surplus food industry

+ All buyers are vetted and qualified

+ Review offers and negotiate with buyers

Supercharge your buying process by receiving customized deals

+ We use your past buying behavior to share customized inventory bundles

+ Get early access to top quality goods from major product suppliers at a fraction of retail price

+ Make offers and negotiate directly via email/newsletter


Hear what our customers have to say

D2C Apparel Store
“We had always assumed that there weren't many options for selling our unsold apparel, so it's been valuable to be able to offload some of it."
D2C Apparel Store
“We didn't realize how much profit we're missing out on until now."
Apparel Boutique
“We don't have time to decide what to do with all our extra shirts and outerwear so Sotira is a great resource to make those decisions."
D2C Footwear Store
"Excess inventory is a huge problem for our business and cuts into our bottom line. With Sotira, we can get some of those costs down."
D2C Home Goods Store
“My frames have been sitting in storage for months and I didn't know how much storage was costing me until now."
D2C Beauty Store
“The analysis and data that Sotira provides saves our operations and supply chain team so much time and manual labor every month."
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