Unlock cash for your excess inventory.

Our mission is threefold. We protect your brand image, accelerate your working capital, and unlock cash quickly.

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For D2C (direct to consumer) brands, we can help you monetize your excess inventory and receive an average return of 20-30%.


  • Discover new online channels to sell 30% of your excess shoes from the past quarter
  • Sell your shoes through a popup in a retail store
  • Find schools to accept donations of excess shoes


  • Sell your lightly used apparel in consignment stores
  • Cross sell 20% of your excess apparel across external marketplaces
  • Find shelters to accept donations of excess apparel


  • Reach private buyers within an expedited timeline 
  • Cross sell 10% of your excess apparel across external marketplaces
  • Sell your lightly used furniture in consignment stores

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Hear what brands have to say

D2C Apparel Store
“We had always assumed that there weren't many options for selling our unsold apparel, so it's been valuable to be able to offload some of it."
D2C Apparel Store
“We didn't realize how much profit we're missing out on until now."
Apparel Boutique
“We don't have time to decide what to do with all our extra shirts and outerwear so Sotira is a great resource to make those decisions."
D2C Footwear Store
"Excess inventory is a huge problem for our business and cuts into our bottom line. With Sotira, we can get some of those costs down."
D2C Home Goods Store
“My frames have been sitting in storage for months and I didn't know how much storage was costing me until now."
D2C Beauty Store
“The analysis and data that Sotira provides saves our operations and supply chain team so much time and manual labor every month."
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