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User Spotlight

User Spotlight: Turnaa5 on TikTok

Sam (@turnaa5 on TikTok) is user of Sotira with nearly 20,000 followers and over 1.4 million likes on his page. His videos became popular as he posts sneaker reselling videos to his wide audience. He uses Sotira to track his sales and view and analyze his profits. In this video, he takes us through a day in the life of a reseller. 


Connect Your Etsy Shop with Sotira

Connect your Etsy shop in 3 clicks!


How Sotira Helps StockX and GOAT Sellers

Whether you flip sneakers for fun or you resell sneakers full time, Sotira can provide the tools and insights you need to succeed in the world of sneaker reselling.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sotira

Answering questions frequently asked about Sotira and how the platform works.


Ecommerce Success with Sotira: Powerful Tools for Pricing, Expense Tracking, and More

As an ecommerce seller or reseller, maximizing sales and profits can be a challenge.

Seller/Reseller Tips

The Advantage of Sotira as an Etsy Seller

I go over the advantages of using Sotira as an Etsy Seller to best manage income, expenses, and sales. 

Seller/Reseller Tips

10 Side Hustles for College Students

Whether it be for financial need, to gain job experience, to build up a work history, or even to develop a social life, a large portion of college students maintain a side hustle...

Seller/Reseller Tips

10 Side Hustles for People With Full-Time Jobs

Unsatisfied with your full-time job? Looking for another hobby or stream of income? Whatever the reason maybe, taking part in a side hustle can help you become a happier and productive citizen...


How a Variety of Sellers and Resellers Can Take Advantage of Sotira

I highlight five examples of how our customers are using Sotira. I highlight their demographic, side hustle, and how they use Sotira to effectively track their expenses...

Financial Tips

Breakdown of Fees on Popular Ecommerce Platforms

Check out these charts for breakdowns of key fees to sell on various ecommerce platforms.

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