Story Behind Sotira
We built Sotira to enable instant commerce companies to offload and monetize their surplus inventory.

Our Background

Our team operated our own businesses for years and joined forces to solve a problem that many suppliers in the industry face: deciding what to do with surplus inventory, especially perishable products.

Recognized By

Sotira was awarded 2nd place at the 2023 Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startup Competition and has been awarded grants by the State of California, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, NEAR Foundation and 1517 Fund.

Management Team

Amrita Bhasin

Gary Kwong

Sotira helps suppliers and buyers: listen to customer stories

“There is so much waste at every level of the food supply chain ecosystem. Rerouting products from landfill and getting a return has been valuable for us."

Food Distributor

"Our inventory forecasting tools are inaccurate and we always have surplus. Sotira helps us figure out what to do with it all."

Frozen Food Manufacturer

“Surplus product is an inevitable part of the supply chain, so Sotira has helped us get some cash back from it so it's not a complete loss."

Food Wholesaler

"Sotira sends us customized deals regularly so we have the first pick of the inventory."

Food and Beverage Liquidator

“We don't have anyone on our team dedicated to figuring out the logistics for our surplus products so Sotira has been a game changer."

Instant Commerce Company

“The analysis and data that Sotira provides saves our operations and supply chain team so much time and manual labor every month."

Instant Commerce Company

Buy and sell top quality surplus inventory in minutes.

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