We built Sotira to provide an all in one financial tool for sellers and resellers.

Our mission

Sotira aims to helps sellers and resellers be more profitable with integrated analytics, platform integrations, profit analysis, pricing tools and sales forecasting.

Why we founded Sotira

We are small business owners and ecommerce sellers and resellers ourselves. We struggled with tracking profits and pricing products, so we built an accessible platform to help sellers and resellers manage their sales easier and faster.

What our users have to say

“It is helpful to me to be able to see the percent increase in profit from week to week. I also like how the graphs show a breakdown by week.”

Depop seller

“I have way too many different Google Sheets that I have trouble keeping track of, so Sotira is a great organizational tool for me because it has everything that I need in one place.”

Etsy seller

“Figuring out the pricing of clothing is really hard. Other online pricing tools are often inaccurate and underprice clothing. Sotira’s calculator helps me understand the true value of my time and labor.”

Poshmark/Mercari seller

“Sotira’s calculators are great for beginners especially because they take into account sales vs. expenses.”

Etsy seller

“The calculators Sotira provides are useful if you sell products on online marketplaces and have service fees that you have to factor into your listing prices.”

StockX/GOAT Seller

“I love that Sotira walks users through everything very clearly as users like me don’t know what constitutes an expense and what needs to be tracked or deducted.”

Etsy seller

Unlock the true potential of selling and reselling.

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