Frequently Asked Questions about Sotira

December 14, 2022

Q1: What is financial tracking and optimization software?

Financial tracking and optimization software is an accounting tool that aids owners of small businesses easily track and visualize the expenses, sales, and overall state of their business.

Q2: Why should I use Sotira?

Sotira empowers users to take control of their online business. Gone are the days of stuffed receipt books and clunky spreadsheets that only hinder the efforts of business owners. With the help of the expense tracker, financial optimizers, and pricing discovery tools, Sotira provides a necessary but often overlooked service that will streamline accounting processes and allow entrepreneurs to divert their efforts towards maximizing the potential of their business.

Q3: How does Sotira work?

Sotira is integrated with the platforms you sell on so you authenticate your shop with Sotira and then go to to manage your expenses, see insights about your sales, calculate optimal pricing and keep track of your profit. You can import existing expenses or sales data directly into the platform and use Sotira to forecast future sales and see ways in which you can maximize the profitability of the products that you sell or resell. 

Q4: Who should use Sotira?

Financial tracking is necessary for optimizing any business. Any small business owner who would like to focus on expanding and growing their business and fulfilling their ambitious dreams. We’ll handle all the dirty work, so you can focus on what’s most important: selling and reselling your product. 

Q5: What are the different types of graphs Sotira displays?

On the Expense Tracker, Sotira automatically generates three different visualizations based off of the data inputted. For example, the Percentage Breakdown is most useful for understanding the share that each expense takes up seeing where costs could be cut from. On the other hand, the Time Breakdown aids users to see how their expenses have increased over time and, when combined with the Sales Log, see the overall growth of their business.The Profit Graph displays how much money you are actually making. 

Q6: How can I get started?

To learn more and to get access to Sotira as early as possible, sign up at

Q7: Where can I get more information?

At our website, subscribing to our newsletter is a way to get email updates about new features or tune-ups. Additionally, click on the “Blog” page to read useful articles about ways in which Sotira is helping sellers and resellers grow and scale their businesses. 

Q8: Where can I ask more questions about Sotira or share technical issues?

Email or live chat with us at the bottom right of 

Q9: What platforms does Sotira integrate with? 

Sotira integrates with popular ecommerce platforms and is the best platform for sellers or resellers on Etsy, Poshmark, Depop, StockX, Shopify, and GOAT. 

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