How a Variety of Sellers and Resellers Can Take Advantage of Sotira

January 5, 2022

In this article, I highlight five examples of how our customers are using Sotira. I highlight their demographic, side hustle, and how they use Sotira to effectively track their expenses when selling or reselling their product.


First, meet Katie, a nineteen year old sophomore at the University of California - Berkeley in Berkeley, California. While also embarking on her journey as a student here at Cal, she is a part-time entrepreneur who sells Cal Merch through Instagram. She works about 20 hours a week on her business alone, and found it hard to keep track of her revenue, expenses, and profit. Recently, she has started to use Sotira, finding the process of tracking her revenue, expenses, profit, and managing all of her income streams much easier overall. She has indicated that using Sotira is straightforward and a great time-saving tool, as it helps her organize her information more effectively. Overall, she finds using Sotira to be an easier experience than using the multiple different platforms (including Google Sheets and Wave) that she had used before.


Second, let’s meet Emily. Like most of our users, Emily uses a platform called Depop, which allows people to resell their used products. Some of our other clients use platforms such as Etsy, Poshmakr, etc. Emily, is twenty-two years old and has opened up a Depop account to get rid of her clothes and make a little extra cash as she transitions from life as a college student to life in the corporate world. She is new to using the platform and needed a place to track how much she is making with her new side hustle, enter: Sotira. She was introduced to Sotira by her friend Sean, who uses the platform to help manage his income streams for his side hustle, which is selling and reselling sneakers. Emily was hooked, she immediately took to the platform and noticed that she has made a total of $75 from her old clothes so far. She hopes to use the platform as she continues to resell clothes on Depop in the future.


Next, meet Emily’s friend Sean. Sean is a twenty-three year old male who has been selling and reselling shoes since he was seventeen. Within his business, he has made great success, selling to thousands of people. Prior to finding out about Sotira, he used excel sheets to track his expenses because he thought that it was fairly simple. However, once he found out about Sotira, he believed that the platform was way more efficient and straightforward in its approach to managing his expenses. He has stated that it has saved him about half the time to input his information and this, in turn, has made him more organized.


Fourth, let’s meet Imaan. Imaan is a fifty-three year old woman, who sells various goods through Amazon. She owns a small Amazon business that sells local goods (such as specific spices and more) in Thailand to people internationally. She used to use Journal to track her expenses, but after finding out about Sotira, not only has she saved time, but managing her expenses has never been so easy. She discovered Sotira through her nineteen year old daughter, who helps with her accounting, and her daughter has stated that working for her Mom’s business has never been so easy.


Lastly, meet twenty-seven year old Luke. Luke owns an Etsy shop where he sells handmade ceramics. Luke works full-time at a Consulting Company problem-solving, but despite this corporate experience, he holds a true passion for Ceramics. As a side hustle, he makes mugs and sells them through his Etsy shop. He discovered Sotira a while back and really enjoyed using the platform. He believes that it saves him a lot of time in transitioning from his day to night job and he enjoys having access to all the information he needs through one platform.

I hope you enjoyed reading about five different users of Sotira! The overall message is that as long as you need to track expenses, revenue, pofit, etc. Sotira is easily and readily available for you! Not only does it save you time, but it helps you become more organized.

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