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User Spotlight: Turnaa5 on TikTok

July 27, 2023

Sam (@turnaa5 on TikTok) is user of Sotira with nearly 20,000 followers and over 1.4 million likes on his page. His videos became popular as he posts sneaker reselling videos to his wide audience. He uses Sotira to track his sales and view and analyze his profits. In this video, he takes us through a day in the life of a reseller. 

Sam starts his day off by scrolling through eBay looking through some lots of sneakers. Once he found a lot, he opened up his laptop to go to Sotira where he could then organize his purchases, sales, and expenses. He is able to easily see the distinction between profit and sales. He continues to use the various tools of Sotira to view percentage breakdown of expenses, his sales log, and saved pricing calculations.

Furthermore, Sotira’s expense tracker allows sneaker resellers in particular to track the profit they are making, by taking into account their expenses in purchasing shoes, and their resell price. The platform makes it extremely easy for resellers to quickly look at large amounts of data in a condensed and digestible format.

Sotira allows users to see which platform they are most profitable on. This is particularly helpful for users who resell on multiple platforms, including GOAT, StockX, eBay and more. Sotira informs users as to which site generates the most revenue so that sellers can maximize their energies and focus on platforms that create the highest returns. 

@turnaa 5 enjoys the ease in which Sotira helps sellers and resellers maximize their profits and says it is “impossible to resell without Sotira!”

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