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product features

We offer features that enable you to sell faster and more efficiently.

 Financial Tracking

Efficiently categorize and sort expenses and receipts for materials and costs.

 Analytics and Optimization

Analyze when you are making the most sales and forecast future sales you are on track to make.

 Pricing Discovery Tools

Optimize your product prices and calculate profit, profit margin, breakeven pricing and more.

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Why Use Sotira?

One-stop shop for all ecommerce financials

+ No more maintaining spreadsheets: save time by tracking your sales, expenses and profit in one place

+ Import your spreadsheet instantly to get started on Sotira

+ Sync your sales to automatically update in real time on Sotira

Customized and personalized to the platforms you sell on

+ The most customizable financial platform to manage your online business as a seller or reseller on platforms like Etsy, Depop, Poshmark, StockX, Shopify, GOAT and more

+ Use financial templates and pricing tools custom-filled with fees for ecommerce platforms

Be more profitable

+ Analyze profitability across multiple online businesses

+ Automatically compare projected profit across multiple marketplaces to see where you could earn the most returns

+ See which of your products or product collections are top sellers

Run more smoothly and efficiently

+ Efficiently price products and calculate listing prices

+ Set and monitor sales goals to hold yourself accountable

+ Cap your expenses and see ways to cut down costs or source products cheaper

How It Works

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Synch your shop

Authenticate your shop so your sales autofill directly on Sotira and import expenses.

View analytics

See where to source products from cheaper and see which platforms to list products on.

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The Ultimate Toolkit for Pricing Faster.

July 27, 2023

Getting Started on Sotira

Signing up for Sotira is free and takes under 5 minutes.

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July 18, 2023

Taking Advantage of Sotira as a Sneaker Reseller

Whether you flip sneakers for fun or you resell sneakers full time, Sotira can provide the tools and insights you need to succeed in the world of sneaker reselling.

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July 10, 2023

Connect Your Etsy Shop with Sotira

Synch your Etsy shop with Sotira in 3 clicks to have all your sales updated in real time.

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Hear what our sellers and resellers have to say

StockX seller
"Sotira's pricing tools are useful for selling products on online marketplaces with service fees factored into listing prices."
GOAT, eBay seller
"It is impossible to sell without Sotira. It makes selling, pricing and seeing my profit seamless and efficient."
Etsy seller
"I love that Sotira walks users through everything as users like me don’t know what constitutes an expense and what needs to be tracked or deducted."
Depop seller
“It is helpful to me to be able to see the percent increase in profit from week to week. I also like how the graphs show a breakdown by week.”
Etsy seller
“Sotira’s calculators are great for beginners especially because they take into account sales vs. expenses.”
College student and sneaker reseller
“The calculators Sotira provides are useful if you sell products on online marketplaces and have service fees that you have to factor into your listing prices.”
College student and Etsy seller
“I have way too many different Google Sheets that I have trouble keeping track of, so Sotira is a great organizational tool for me because it has everything that I need in one place.”
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